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Digital Age

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The NSW Institute of Teachers Professional Standards recognises the need for teachers to be able to effectively communicate with their students (Element 4). I would like to draw up one particular Aspect, 4.1.5. Use a range of teaching strategies and resources including ICT and other technologies to foster interest and support learning. This demonstrates the growing importance that we as teachers need to be up to date with the technologies, in order to be able to communicate/teach our students effectively. Our students are digital natives, meaning they are bought up surrounded by technology, they do not know life without it. It is our job to embrace the technology and use it in an engaging and meaningful way in the classroom. We need to be providing our students with adequate infrastructure and technical support in order to make ICT learning experiences meaningful. (Finger,. Russell., Jamieson-Proctor & Russel. 2007). It was shown in the 2008 National Australian ICT Literacy Levels that although our students have access to technology, their ability to use it effectively(in terms of education) is low. See below

Click here: 2008 National Australian ICT Literacy Levels

At my placement school, I was overwhelmed with the different ICT resources and other technologies present in the classroom and that the students knew more about it than I did!  My colleague teacher is walking the students through many ICT resources and different technologies available to them and teaching them effective ways in which to use them. For Example; Interactive Whiteboards, Mac Books, Cameras,  podcasts, iPads, along with exposing them to different media’s on the internet such as Wikispaces and Blogs. My colleague teacher is also providing her students with the skills and knowledge they need in order to stay safe on the internet.

One of my lessons at my placement school was getting students to create their own podcast recounting holiday. Before the end of last term, I asked students take photos of their holiday and bring them in on a USB.
Students were shown how to create their podcast using garageband (mac program). Students were instructed to upload their photos onto garage band and narrate the pictures on the film strip.

Once the students had completed their podcast they were required to loop it into iTunes. This allows students to be able to save a copy to their own iPods, as well as a medium for the broadcasting of the podcast.

Once all the podcasts were in iTunes, they were then set up in notebook as file links. The students were then to present their podcast to the class, as a way of sharing what they did during the school holidays. Students were also encourage to bring in an item from home to support their podcast. For example: movie tickets, soccer ball etc.

The Students really enjoyed creating and presenting their podcasts. It made a more interesting and engaging way to present news!


Finger, G., Russel, G., Jamieson-Proctor, R & Russell, N. (2007). Transforming learning with ICT: Making IT happen. Frenchs Forest: Pearson Education Australia.


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